TNT Dance

I got introduced to salsa in January 2004 following a strong urge to try something new. Living in Nottingham at the time and after two years of non-stop-6-days-a-week dancing Cuban Salsa and Cross Body On1 fusion, I moved to London to learn from Susana Montero and Laith Sami the pure Cross Body On1 form.

"Dance is inside all of us and as such it belongs to the world, to the people, to experiment with and help it evolve into something new which will make you say, yes, I want to learn this, it resonates with me."

In the course of year 3, Laith Sami offered the first opportunity to perform while training under his Laith Sami Performance Group leading to performances around popular salsa clubs in London at the time. Later I joined Irene Miguel's group who introduced me to New York Style Salsa (Crossbody On2) and who provided many opportunities to perform at Salsa congresses around the UK and abroad. In 2008 at GBSex held in Manchester, I had the honour and the priviledge to share the stage with her, at which point it became clear that Salsa was a very important part of my life.

The return from Manchester led to the founding of TNT Dance with Toan Hoang in 2008, and ever since then, we had the fortune of seeing our aspirations take shape, learn and grow into our roles, amass valuable experience, and most important, teach Salsa in the best way we saw fit. We've had the opportunity to meet wonderful students, collaborated with inspirational teachers, helped bring new DJs into our scene and gave the opportunity to many different people to express themselves on the dance floor in the best way that represented them as individuals. It is this experience that we feel helps people grow and mature into the dancers and ultimately the people they want to become and we are very pleased to know we have been part of it.

What's left to say other than we are very much looking forward to carry on doing the best we can for our Salsa scene and our dance community in the years to come.