TNT Dance

At TNT we believe that great Salsa dancing comes from a combination of an understanding of music, the ability to control your own movements and the ability to connect with a partner. This course is taught by one of the top footwork instructors and dancers in the country and will allow you to explore your own body, control your movements and express yourself through dance.

"I have always been afraid of footwork, but TNT footwork classes has really opened my eyes to the possibilities."

Every week we have two hours of footwork in a spacious, mirrored and air conditioned dance studio where we will progressively learn footwork and get the opportunity to both drill as well as personalise the learned material. This is a fast paced and material rich course with an instructor that loves to give and has an extremely good eye for corrections and adjustment.

To give the most effective experience possible we have a limited number of students per course in order to allow for maximum attention per student. If you have been dancing for a while and feel like this would help you get to the next level then please get in touch with us as we would love to guide you along the way.