TNT Dance

The latest addition to TNT Dance's weekly Salsa classes in London for aspiring dancers.

On Mondays we offer 2 hours of classes - Cha Cha (2 Levels) and then Salsa on2 (3 Levels), followed by a supervised practise hour where students will have the opportunity to practise what they have learned in class and work one on one with the teachers.

We start off with 2 levels of Cha Cha classes - Improvers and Intermediates. The Improvers Cha Cha class covers core footwork patterns, a bit of body movement, partnerwork moves and most importantly the Cha Cha rhythm. This class will help you build a core "Cha Cha vocabulary" and show you ways of improvising and playing with the rhythm.
The Intermediate class offers more challenging footwork and partnerwork moves for the experienced dancers.

Following our Cha Cha classes we have three levels of partner work classes which explore ways to connect with your partner and explore music together. These classes cater for absolute beginners to veteran dancers or aspiring teachers and are taught by some of the most respected dancers in London.

Finally, for those who are looking for faster progression and individual feedback, we offer an hour of supervised practise focused on giving that extra attention to give you an amazing journey in Salsa.