TNT Dance

The latest addition to TNT Dance's weekly Salsa classes in London for aspiring dancers.

From Monday 5th February the classes are changing slightly at TNT On Mondays. At 7.30pm we will now be teaching 2 classes: Foundations and Footwork. Foundations focuses on the fundamentals of Salsa On2: music, rhythm and timing, stepping and leading and following exercises. The footwork class will include a body movement warm up followed by a footwork routine. These classes will add to your development within Salsa On2 and encourage you to explore your own personal understanding, movement and expression.

The 8.30pm classes will remain the same, providing you with 3 levels of Salsa On2 partnerwork to build your vocabulary and confidence in dancing with a partner. Level 3 will be especially useful for transferring your skills to the social dance floor; Chip and Jared will be teaching you how to be spontaneous and responsive with your partner and allow you to explore concepts around leading and following.

The overall structure of TNT On Mondays is: 7.30pm Foundations and Footwork, 8.30pm Partnerwork, 9.30pm-10.30pm Supervised Practice. This night is great for those who are looking for more individual attention from your teachers.

Finally, for those who are looking for faster progression and individual feedback, we offer an hour of supervised practise focused on giving that extra attention to give you an amazing journey in Salsa.