TNT Dance

Coming soon on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September TNT is excited to host the Melodia Project boot camp! One of the top groups around at the moment; they are fresh, dynamic and ooze charisma.

We will be hosting a 3 hour boot camp focusing on encouraging and developing quality of movement within your footwork and body movement. This boot camp will give you the chance to train with some of Europe’s top dancers and to hone your skills in a mirrored studio with air conditioning.

The Melodia Project

The Melodia Project was found in late 2009 by Alexandra Ilie. Everything started as a simple project with the idea of gathering some of SalsaGalaxy Dance Company's students to prepare Romania's next salsa talent team in order to travel the world to spread the passion and love for latin music and dance. The team's inital line-up was composed of 8 members, later to reach 11 members.

"Being young, fresh and radiating with charisma and musicality, they have been characterized as 'the new breed of performers that can easily share the stage with the greatest names in the salsa world."

In 2010, Alexandra asked her Salsa teaching partner Romy to join her as choreographer and coach. In January 2011, the Melodia Project (called SGStars at that moment) performed 'Cobarde' on the stage of the National Salsa Congress 2011 (Brasov), which is considered Romania's most important Salsa event of the year.

In January 2012, the Melodia Project performed its premiere show, Serenata Ritmica, at 6th National Salsa Congress, featuring the current line-up: Alexandra, Romy, Ada and Claudiu.

At the moment, the team is trying to push their limits by incorporating new flavours and movements in their dance and developing themselves as much as they can. The Melodia Project has been invited to perform and teach at several events in Romania, Germany, Croatia, Great Britain and Ireland.