TNT Dance

Back in 2002, I did what remains the single most out-of-character thing I have ever done ... I nervously walked into a free salsa class being run by some students in Cambridge. I very quickly caught the famous 'salsa bug' and, a couple of years later, took my first steps into teaching in the same class where I first learned. It was around this time that I met Sally McCairn of Pure Salsa (now of Salsology Dance Company), who introduced me to the crossbody style of salsa. What was a hobby became a passion, and I danced and trained hard with Sally for a year.

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."Bob Marley

After 4 years in Cambridge, I moved to Nottingham and started attending salsa congresses, where I first encountered salsa On2. At the UK Congress in 2007, I took an inspirational class with Irene Miguel and subsequently joined her Mambolifestyle performance team, where I met Toan Hoang and Tina Stamou and immersed myself in NY style salsa. During my year with Mambolifestyle, I was privileged to perform on some of the biggest salsa stages in the country, including the MamboCity Congress and the Great British Salsa Experience. Back in Nottingham, I started my first small club and began to introduce On2 to the local scene, where it was almost unheard of. I was also the director and choreographer of the University of Nottingham Salsa Team for two years, which went from a group of total beginners to performing for external salsa promoters.

"One of my greatest joys is to see a room of friends and fellow dancers moving to my music."

In 2010, I finally fulfilled a long-time ambition by moving to London and joining my great friends Tina and Toan in launching the Boston Music Rooms, now London's premiere On2 venue, where I am proud to teach the advanced level class and direct the music output with a team of guest DJs. Having left performance behind for a few years to focus on DJing, I was proud to direct TNT’s first couples performance team with Tina in 2012!