TNT Dance

Join Niki of TNT Dance for the new Core Movement class on Saturdays from 2pm-4pm at The Office Studio, Camden Town. This is drop-in class and new dancers are welcome to join any week; focusing on body movement, fundamentals, spinning and an element of choreography. You will also have the added benefit of working on your movement with mirrors in a spacious dance studio.

Aiming at Intermediate students (Both men and women), the course will cover:

- Body Movement
- Fundamentals
- Balance
- Spinning
- Choreography
- Musical Awareness

The choreography is designed so that all the material used will be demonstrated through a single song. The aim of the choreography is to allow understanding of dancing with the music for the social dance floor.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

More Movement and Styling Projects will be announced soon for 2015.