TNT Dance

Dancing has been a big part of my life since the age of 6 when I attended my first ballet class; through dancing I found a way of expressing my emotions, creativity and for someone who is naturally shy; dance gave me a much needed outlet. This was followed by rhythmic gymnastics where I really started to grow as a dancer. I loved the hard work, community and discipline but after 4 years I was craving to learn new dance styles so I attended classes in Modern, Jazz, Contempory, African dances and Argentine tango in Buenos Aires.

"When you feel the journey has come to an end, it has only really just begun."

When I came back to university in Lyon in 2005 I walked passed a Salsa class and instantly fell in love with the music, dancing and the relaxing and joyful atmosphere. I found that Salsa has no boundaries and is the perfect platform for me to mix all dance styles to create a freedom of movement and expression. My journey started with Cuban Salsa followed by LA and finally through TNT the love of NY style. Wishing to push it even further and missing my competitve days I started to compete in both Salsa and Latin Ballroom and today I am performing internationally as part of 2 dance groups.

A message from a fellow dancer is always one to be treasured and this is a message from Paul Stepkowski (Brisbane, Australia) describing my dancing: "Claire is one of the most exciting dancers on the London Salsa dancing scene. Her style was honed over many years as both a Salsa and Ballroom dancer, and gives her a unique blend of elegance, poise and musicality."