TNT Dance

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and every Tuesday we work with new and aspiring dancers. Our Foundation class focuses on the three core element of Salsa which includes:

- Understanding the amazing variety of Salsa music
- Understanding your own body, movement, personal expression
- Understanding the magical connection with your partner.

"The Boston on a Tuesday night has a friendly inclusive atmosphere (not cliquey) and the music is always good."

Following our Foundation class we have four levels of partner work classes which explore ways to connect with your partner and explore music together. These classes cater for absolute beginners to veteran dancers or aspiring teachers and are taught by some of the most respected dancers in London.

From 9pm to midnight we have three hours of social dancing where you can have a drink, get to know a variety of people and practise what has been learnt. Our social has music provided by guest DJs as well as performances and other nice surprises. This is truly a night for dancers and provides you everything that you need in one night.

"Something is being done right there. The organisers and supporters have tried hard to make this club one of the first and best On2 clubs in London."

Finally, for those who are looking for faster progression we offer students an opportunity to join small and intimate training groups which are focused on giving that extra attention to give you an amazing journey in Salsa.