TNT Dance

My salsa journey started when I came across a Latin music record shop in London's west end (I think it was called Mr Bongo's). It was a hot summer's day and they had salsa music blasting out of the open door so loud you could hear it from around the corner. I was captivated by the sound. I stood across the street for about half an hour just listening. I made up my mind there and then I was going to learn how to dance to this music.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Beverly Sills

Several years later I talked my girlfriend into coming with me to Bar Cuba in Kensington to do Salsa lessons. For the next six months I was there religously every sunday taking classes and staying for the social struggling to stay on step and remember the moves. I was completely hooked, collecting music, practising at home, learning cuban and cross body, and dancing at least 5 nights a week.

For the first three years my most influential teachers were people like Super Mario, Susanna Montero, Shaan, Alex Amaroso and Mauro Casali. My favorite places to dance where "My Place" in Earl's court, Mambo City in Ealing Town Hall and SOS.

After three years I was very comfortable dancing cross body on one. I decided to try my hand at this On2 stuff that all the best dancers seemed to be doing. My On2 education has been influenced by two people in the UK one of them being Special Tee. The past six years has been spent dancing solidly Mambo On2 and this is now my preferred style of dancing. I am aslo a big Cha Cha fan as I like the freedom it gives me to explore the music.